Rain & Shine - Native, Sustainable Landscapes

Native Plants

We specialize in plants native to South Florida. Since they are used to our climate here, they can survive on only rain once established, are drought-tolerant, and serve as a home for wildlife, like native birds, butterflies, and honeybees.


Not only will a sustainable landscape reduce its impact on your wallet since you won't have to pay for fertilizers, pesticies, and irrigation, but it's more friendly to the local ecosystem. In addition to our landscaping service, we can also help with rainwater collection, solar, composting, and edible gardens.

Unique Designs

Landscaping is more than coming by once a week to pull weeds and trim the hedges. Good landscaping starts with good design, and knowing which plants work in the shade vs full sun, understanding soil types, and choosing plants that will live well next to one another.

We are available for any landscaping work, from weeding and general maintenance, designs, installations, and consulting. We can also install rain barrels. Contact us today!