We're a small landscaping and landscape design company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Whether the grass needs trimming, weeds need pulling, or the whole yard needs to be re-landscaped, we are equipped to tackle the job.

Our focus is on native plants and sustainability, because by using these plants and practices your yard maintenance can be dramatically reduced. Native plants often need no supplemental irrigation because they are already used to the conditions found here, and are also tolerant of the specific soil conditions as well which means limited use of fertilizers, too.

All of our tools are either hand-operated or electric, too, which means less noise and pollution while we're taking care of your landscaping needs.

Our Team


Manager, Biologist, Horticulturist

Jess has degrees in Biology and Horticulture and excells at plant identification and understanding which plants will work best in any particular location. She is great at landscape design, and also has an intuitive grasp on what sorts of wildlife will be attracted to your garden, like butterflies and birds.


Manager, Engineer

Bryan is an electrical engineer by training, and is great at designing rainwater collection systems, automatic irrigation, composting, and other sustainable practices. (Teddy also pictured)