Even if we only see pictures of the property, we can put together a great landscaping design plan for you with specific plants that will do well in our specific South Florida environment.


If you have a bunch of plants that you'd like to have planted, we can take care of this too. From picking up the plants at your nursery or simply transplanting them from the pots if you have them on the site already.


We have an electric lawnmower as well as electric trimmers and blowers, and are suited for efficiently mowing and trimming yards of a quarter acre size or less. Everything is battery powered, and charged with solar power too.

Rain Barrels

If you would like to cut your water bill and take care of a garden at the same time, there's no better way than capturing rain. The city of West Palm Beach actively encourages its citizens to install rain barrels, as the practice benefits them as well as you.


A healthy compost pile can help add nutrients to your garden, and a properly maintained one won't smell at all. They're usually easy to install, and you can feed them with cardboard and kitchen scraps, as well as any weeds you pull or other landscaping waste.

Anything Else

We have been known to take on other tasks as well, such as pressure washing, cleaning, and limited tree removal and tree trimming.